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Capitalism in the modern world

For many individuals living in the modern world, capitalism is an inescapable way of life. Citizens across the globe work to make currency. This money has then to be used to pay for shelter, food and luxuries. These luxuries include nice cars, vacations, and for some, gambling at online casinos. Ironically, you can turn one luxury into another by making even more money if you’re lucky enough while wagering online. You can click here to try it out. However, throughout history, there have been numerous societies which have been staunchly anti-capitalist.

Historical Example

This has included both small villages and entire nations. An excellent example of large scale anti-capitalism is the former Soviet Russia, which sought to emulate a Marxist society. On a micro scale, an anti-capitalist community will often involve residents working together to feed and shelter each other. Individualism is rejected in favor of a group mentality. However, this can also mean restrictions on personal freedom.

Despite being a relatively old concept, the rejection of capitalism continues to endure. Numerous figures in the academic community have given public speeches explaining alternatives to the traditional monetary system. Overall, there has undoubtedly been a surge in the anti-capitalist movement.

Modern Example

The main reason for this is the widening of the gap between the rich and the poor. The increase in financial equality has led to a class-based system in crisis. The Occupy Protests of 2011 are an excellent example of this.

It began as a small march on Wall Street in New York. However, in less than a month, the protests had spread to at least 950 cities throughout 80 countries. This shows that disdain for capitalism is not restricted to the United States. In fact, anti-capitalist communities exist all over the world. They tend to be isolated with a small number of voluntary residents.